Individualized Health and Fitness Coaching

  • 28 day jumpstart programs
  • 3 month Bio-individuality programs
  • 6 month Bio-individuality programs
  • Virtual Video Workout Programs
  • Weekly Coaching calls
  • One on One Coaching

Group Health and Fitness Coaching

  • 3 month Targeted Group programs
  • 6 month Targeted Group programs
  • Virtual Video Workout programs
  • Weekly Coaching calls
  • Class room Nutritional consulting
  • Food Preparation workshops




Corporate Health and Fitness Coaching

  • Customized Group programs
  • Class room Nutritional consulting
  • Monthly Toxins Awareness Workshops
  • Weekly & Monthly Food Preparation Workshops
  • Weekly Coaching Calls

*Health Coaching programs and Fitness Coaching programs can be done separately, for best results, combined both programs together.