About Us

Health & Fitness Coaching Network was founded in 2014 with the objective of assisting people in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.  Our experiences in residential and community fitness facilities and gyms led us to a realization that there is a lack of knowledge regarding nutrition and wellness in this arena.  Simply put, it’s our belief optimum health is predicated on two factors being primary foods and secondary foods. With this framework in mind, our Network of Certified Personal Fitness Trainers and Certified Health Coach professionals strive to support and inspire clients as they embark on their journey to total wellness. 



Our Services

  • Health History Consultation
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Risk Intervention and Disease Prevention, including Obesity, Poor Nutrition, Stress and Lack of Physical
  • Biometric Screenings, including Blood Pressure, Blood Lipid, Blood Glucose, Body Mass Index, Meta Oxy Testing and more
  • Nutrition Response Testing
  • Health Coaching in Primary Food and Secondary Food Concepts
  • Customized Fitness & Exercise Programs
  • Specialty Health and Fitness Coaching
  • Motivational Programs and Incentive Offerings
  • Accountability System to increase clients success
  • Educational and Awareness Programs, including Nutritional Seminars, Health Fairs and Wellness Webinars
  • Marketing and Program Promotions
  • Health and Wellness Resource Library
  • Clean Eating Recipe Library